For the Inspector

Contact Details
The contact details can be found at the top of each of the pages

Our Child protection policies can be found on the policies page. Below is a link to our main child protection and safeguarding policy.

Admissions Policy
All admissions for St Cuthbert's Infants School are handled by GO Admissions.

Inspection Reports
St Cuthbert's Infants school were last inspected by OFSTED between 8th and 9th July 2014 and were rated as Good. 
SIAMs inspected June 2014 and the results was Good. The reports are listed under inspection reports on the ABOUT menu.

The school results for the year 2015/16 can be found in performance tables under the ABOUT menu. 

Curriculum Tables
The curriculum for each year can be found in curriculum under the ABOUT menu

Behaviour Policy
Our behaviour policy can be found in policies under the USEFUL INFORMATION menu.

Pupil Premium
The pupil premium report can be found in pupil premium under the USEFUL INFORMATION menu.

PE and Sports Funding Report
The Sports funding report can be found in sports funding under the USEFUL INFORMATION menu

Special Educational Needs (SEN)Report
The SEND report, policy and local offer can be found in SEN & Inclusion under the ABOUT menu.

Charging and Remissions Policy
The charging and remission policy is part of the finance policy which can be found in policies under the USEFUL INFORMATION menu

Values and Ethos
Our school believes in promoting kindness

School Development plan
St Cuthbert's Infants School SDP leaflet This can also be located in policies and a full paper copy is available upon request. The SEF is also available upon request.

Governors meeting
The governors meet with a committee structure which feeds into the main governing body. Information about the governors can be found in school governors under the ABOUT menu.

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