Welcome Back!

  • By Zoe Adams
  • 27 Aug, 2015

Welcome back after the Summer Holiday. We have three INSET days and so term starts for all our pupils on the Friday 4th September at the usual times of 8:55am until 3:15pm.   A reminder that uniform is available both online with Tescos and at the uniform shop in Wells.

The building work over the summer was a little affected by the rain, but hopefully you will still notice some positive changes both inside and outside at our site.

We genuinely cannot wait to see you all, new and old students alike, and to hear all about your holiday news. We also wish all the year 3's an amazing start at our neighbouring Junior school. We will miss you dearly, but know you are going to have a great time there.

By Melanie Fisher 13 Oct, 2017
We break up for half term on Thursday 19th October 2017 and return to school on Monday 30th October 2017. Have  a lovely holiday!
By Zoe Adams 12 Jun, 2017
We had a really lovely treat on Wednesday: Falconry Workshops. Many children got to fly owls, falcons and a kestrel around our school hall while others had the owls fly just over their heads or run along after them. Learning should be amazing and this was magical, starting our terms theme of World wildlife with real excitement
By Zoe Adams 09 May, 2017

 Our site is still looking so lovely after Fridays make over, it felt like a ‘home improvement episode! Plus, we have had more help again this week finishing off bits, which is brilliant! Sue Frary definitely worked really hard to finish making our EYFS area safe and stick free! It was a pleasure to walk around the site with our Chair of Governors, Christine Raphael, to show her all that had been achieved.  Our year 2’s are busy writing letters of thanks to be sent out to all those who helped and donated. Please spend your money with those friendly businesses.

By Zoe Adams 21 Mar, 2017

Our learning focus this week as a whole school has been about how our pupils can take responsibility for keeping themselves safe, we have looked at all aspects of safety. School safety: safe behaviours, visitors to school wearing lanyards and telling an adult if you are worried, safe site and reporting problems to adults. Stranger danger: and what to do if you are approached, and what strangers actually look like in reality. Crossing roads: looking both ways, careful where you cross like in between parked cars you cannot be seen, and making sure you look and listen even if you are using a crossing. Internet/ gaming and texting safety: being kind with what you say to others online, not giving out your personal details, and telling a trusted adult if something happens that doesn’t ‘feel’ right. We even talked about how they can help you to keep their homes safe.   We covered a lot but this was the essence and key points. We hope you enjoy picking up on these themes with them at home and perhaps risk assessing your kitchen or lounge together.

By Zoe Adams 21 Mar, 2017

 We started the week investigating what will happen to our baby chicks when they leave us, and learning all about ‘free range.’ The children learnt about food miles and have made a new promise to Planet Earth (developing on from our upcycling & recycling challenge from last term). The new promise is to look at where their food comes from and how animals are cared for during production of food. We hope you will engage with this at home, check out the food miles website to see how far your eggs have travelled and to play the vegetable game: http://www.foodmiles.com/egg-miles.cfm . Continuing on one of our terms themes, democracy, we talked about how consumers can vote through what they buy, how something can become more or less popular. We talked about how the choices we make as consumers are a way of having our say and voting.

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