Happy New Year!

  • By Zoe Adams
  • 10 Jan, 2017
We started back in 2017 with a bang! Well not quite, but with some fun science and green gloopy slime! Fizz Pop workshops delighted the children on Wednesday enhancing their curriculum enjoyment of science with topics on ‘what on Earth is that?!’ The inspiration for me wanting to be a Head teacher came from wanting children to experience more green gloop! Absolute true fact! We have asked our children to reflect this week on: their futures and their stories; what will the story of Harley, Ella, Toby, Rosie be? What will be written in the pages of their book? We had fun in Collective Worship imagining the places we might visit and the things we might do if we try our best and kindly work as a team.  
By Zoe Adams 21 Mar, 2017

Our learning focus this week as a whole school has been about how our pupils can take responsibility for keeping themselves safe, we have looked at all aspects of safety. School safety: safe behaviours, visitors to school wearing lanyards and telling an adult if you are worried, safe site and reporting problems to adults. Stranger danger: and what to do if you are approached, and what strangers actually look like in reality. Crossing roads: looking both ways, careful where you cross like in between parked cars you cannot be seen, and making sure you look and listen even if you are using a crossing. Internet/ gaming and texting safety: being kind with what you say to others online, not giving out your personal details, and telling a trusted adult if something happens that doesn’t ‘feel’ right. We even talked about how they can help you to keep their homes safe.   We covered a lot but this was the essence and key points. We hope you enjoy picking up on these themes with them at home and perhaps risk assessing your kitchen or lounge together.

By Zoe Adams 21 Mar, 2017


What a truly magical week we have all had. Here at the Infants we have gone for World book week let alone day ! We started our week by introducing the ‘Big Book Vote,’ also using this opportunity to learn about a British Value, one of our themes of the term: ‘democracy.’ Then on Tuesday, I was dressed up as the ‘Tiger who came to Tea’ and we acted out my favourite book, Ben did excellently as our narrator, with Jessie and Ella performing and Charley holding up the pictures. Then on Wednesday we had great fun preparing our favourite book balloon quotes and on Thursday we had ‘WORLD BOOK DAY’ at last with everyone in costume, sharing stories and reading buddies, with our massive ‘Where’s Wally Hunt!’ Finally, today we have had an author, Mr Steve Voake, in school delivering a Collective Worship and running workshops for budding young authors. Mr Voake also awarded the ‘Extreme Reader’ of the week with one of his books: well done Libby Pursey! A display of the Extreme Reading is in the library. Mr Voake has also said he is happy to return to deliver any signed books you still wish to purchase, so this offer has been extended to next Friday the 10th March. Keep reading regularly at home as this really improves children’s reading age, and gains House Points! No children like to miss out on House Points- reading three times a week can earn you three points for your House, with five times up to ten points! Thanks to Mrs Sims, our new literacy leader, who certainly did us proud with the organisation of a great week!

 Our second ski and toboggan trip went very well on Monday, although I understand Mrs Cooper did refrain from having a go on the slopes herself! Mr Smith and the Sports Leaders really did well pulling this together and thanks again go out to all our parent helpers.

 On Tuesday, we also talked about it being ‘Rare Disease Awareness Day,’ we had additional circle time to help us understand more about this. This is really important to us, as we know one of our own pupils is affected by a rare disease. In the future we would very much like to do a fund raising day/ activity for the charity supporting families coping with these issues.

By Zoe Adams 28 Feb, 2017
We arrived back on Monday and were joined immediately by our eggs, incubator and kit for hatching our own chicks. By Tuesday morning, we had two chicks and as I write to you today we have only one egg left unhatched. Please pop into Oak class if you wish to see them, they are gorgeous. The children are enjoying observing them; learning about science, writing chick diaries, even drawing them. As the week progresses all classes will get a turn observing the chicks. This really has become a lovely tradition for us here, a way to welcome in the spring. We have started with our termly themes: growth, life cycles, independence and democracy. In collective worship we looked at lifecycles and looked at how we grow. We looked at miracles of and in life and talked about how precious we are. We even looked at the Fibonacci sequence!
By Zoe Adams 01 Feb, 2017
Today is a moment in time to be marked and celebrated, as we officially link with our Pre School. We are proud and excited about the future opportunities this holds for improving the quality of education for all children by working collaboratively together, sharing our strengths and improving in all areas, striving for Outstanding together. Together we are stronger, united in a common cause, the children.  
By Zoe Adams 16 Jan, 2017
It was lovely to welcome you back today for our First Achievement Collective Worship of 2017! It has been wonderful seeing how the staff and children have engaged with our new House system this week, with points being awarded because children are reading and learning at home as well as in school to achieve those key points for their House. I am really proud of our Heads of House who spoke to their House teams in assembly and motivated their ‘House families’ to be kind and try their best in their learning. We have a new display in our hall and each House is already over the 100 point mark; points are displayed next to the shields which have been designed by the children.    
We are working hard to challenge our children both academically and in their learning habits (such as being independent) by them taking on more responsibility. Our Pet Carers have been tremendous in keeping their records and ensuring the guinea pigs and fish are well cared for. Our Head Boy and Girl and their Deputies are trying their best to be good role models across the school, in fact all our Student Parliament are working really well together.

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